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Print your very own custom waterslide decals and decorate almost any hard surface and product.

Waterslide decal paper

What is waterslide decal?

A water slide decal is a type of transfer that allows designs or images to be transferred to various surfaces such as non-porous hard surfaces, using water as the medium to transfer your custom printed image. After printing on the paper, submerge it in water where the film holding the print releases from the base paper. Once dry it sticks fast.

We sell printable waterslide decal paper that is suitable to be used in an inkjet printer or a laser printer/white toner laser printing solutions. Our decal papers are sourced from the one of best suppliers & manufacturers in Koren suppling JG Electronics with high-quality paper where the print stays vibrant with rich colour quality that lasts for a long time. Our decal paper consists of a thin film that is metallic silver, metallic gold, clear translucent & white. We also have film-free waterslide transfer paper, this is where only the ink transfers, this process works with Film-free waterslide glue and Muggit™ laser coating spray. The glue that is used is water soluble and it's important to use, without it the print (toner) left behind from the film-free waterslide won't create an adhesive bonding on the surface you want to decorate.

Waterslide decal transfer process

What can you decorate?

Decorate almost any hard surface and product with your very own personalised design using our waterslide decal paper. The items you can decorate are endless such as model toys, ostrich eggs, candles, glass, hard non-porous items, irregular-shaped items like stones, and loads more.

Waterslide decal paper final product

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We provide lay-by and MobiCred services, a simple and convenient credit facility to help you get your printing business up and running. We accept Cash, Card and EFT.

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JG Electronics stocks 20 different top brands across all its branches in Johnannesburg, Cape Town and Bloemfontein, and offers the widest variety of sublimation consumables throughout the country for the past 32 year of being in business. JG Electronics is the only company in South Africa that offers a 2-year warranty on both its Sawgrass sublimation printers and Muggit T-shirt and Cap press elements.

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